Utsire Ltd is a small consultancy business offering the services of a highly experienced and successful director in financial services. 

Specialities include store cards/co-branded cards, private label credit cards, general purpose credit cards, commercial cards and associated products; open and closed loop prepaid cards. Services include roadmap review, development and management; new product development, marketing, business cases, commercial negotiations, and relationship management/P&L management. Able to support financial institutions or businesses planning a financial service offering e.g. retailers with store-cards or businesses with co-branded cards.







The island of Utsira, pronounced utt-zeera, situated off the coast of Norway and its 4 square miles have been inhabited since at least 2000 BC.

However, is now home to just 240 people. The island lies a few miles north of 59 degree North, the line which divides North Utsire and South Utsire (the archaic spelling of Utsira) two sea areas of the British Shipping Forecast.



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